Pricing Policy

The rates are subject to the nature and kind of services you avail as per your requirement which may depend upon its factors such as volume, distance and for other ancillary services desired to avail.

Furthermore, rates of the services are likely to change without prior notice.

Rates for Home Storage Charges:

Size of Home Volume Storage Charges (Per Month)

  • 1 BHK 300 Cubic Feet INR 2999.00
  • 2 BHK 600 Cubic Feet INR 5949.00
  • 3 BHK 900 Cubic Feet INR 8849.00


  • If storage is more than 6 months 5% discount will be provided on 100% advance amount.
  • If Storage is more than 12 months 10%, discount will be provided on 100% advance amount.


  • Home Storage Insurance @ 1% at declared value on per month basis.
  • Service Tax @ 18% on total Amount.
  • Packing, Loading, Unloading & Transportation charges to the nearest home storage warehouse.
  • Handyman Services